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Handsome Derek
Fourteen Years!
Handsome Derek
Handsome Guy
Derek at Thirteen
Growing Up
Derek on the Bridge
Growing Up
Jumping for Joy!
Derek in the Sunshine
Handsome Guy
Happy Guy
Derek at Eleven
On the Rails
Derek is 10!
Sweet Smiling Boy
Growing up!
Sweet Handome Derek
We Have a Cub Scout!
Derek's Baptism Day
Eight is Great!
Sledding with Cousins
Christmas at Temple Square
The Birthday Boy!
Happy Guy!
Sharing the Gospel
The Birthday Boy: Eight is Great!
Jumping for Joy!
Daddy's Home!!
A Long Time Coming
Link for Halloween
Hiking with Grandma Lynn
Field Day Fun
A Favorite Costume
Summer Fun!
I Love to See the Temple
First Day of 2nd Grade
Biking Boy!
At Grandma's House
A Mighty Landshark
First Solo
Even Sherrifs Need a Nap
Of Course I'm a Ninja!
Turning 7!