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Heidi Morgan German said: Can I add a few? We loved eating at The Crab Shack, out on the way to Tybee. Loved the atmosphere of being just off the water, outdoors and under the big trees. Loved throwing our crab shells down the trash hole in the middle of the table! Fun place. And the oak drive at Wormsloe Plantation is gorgeous!

Leah Brannen said: Here are a few more things. Don't forget Spanky's for their great chicken fingers and Tubby's Tank House for atmosphere and fun. You can go offshore fishing or fishing in the rivers and creeks by hiring a boat or if you have a good friend with a boat. Dolphin tours are also great.

Juliet Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts and her house is downtown.

The Marine Science Center is pretty cool for kids to go to. That is on Skidaway Island.

The Lucas Theater is gorgeous and the Savannah Theater is the oldest running theater in the South if not in the US.

Don't forget Piggly Wiggly. Some people just laugh out load when they realize that The Pig is real !!!!!!

Pearl's Salt Water Grill in Isle of hope has fantastic seafood and a great view of the water. One of our favorite places to go for special occasions. Savannah also has lots of antique shops for people who like old things. The Visitor Information Center has a great little museum in it and I think they have the bench that Forest Gump sat on.

There is also the Railroad Museum and the Mariner's Museum that are fun to go to.

There is a Farmer's market somewhere downtown now too. There is also a Farmer's Market in Garden City. The Bamboo Farm is another fun place to go. They have great gardens and you can go strawberry picking when they are in season.

In Bloomingdale there is Ottowa Farm where you can strawberry pick, and they have organic foods that you can buy. I think they keep honey bees there too but I'm not sure about that one. They have cows and goats that the kids can that the kids can see and pet.

Old Fort Jackson is downtown. They often fire off the cannon and there are times when they dress up in Colonial garb.

Fort McAllister is in Richmond Hill just a short distance from Savannah. There are lots more things but I'm sure I have told you enough. One other thing is going crabbing either off someone's dock or off a boat. Tons of fun. You can also do shrimping off someone's dock or a boat.

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