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August 30, 2008


Lily has the greatest ideas! I think I need a Lily's great day too!

Is Lily friends with Saray? She is Jordan's friend. A real cutie. I hope Lily makes lots of friends.

I just love having little girls just for that reason! So cute!

Lily is so pretty, she has your eyes.
Girls are so fun. I get giddy just thinking about all the fun we can have with them.

Start em' young! I love it : ) How cute. She is such a pretty girl. I love the nail color she choose, too. You are a great mom, Lisa!!!

that sounds like such a fun tradition, so so fun and cute. she looks adorable

I love it! You always have great ideas, and if I use them I feel like such a copycat.

that is so cute!! what a great idea. I love it.

This is seriously just so sweet! I would totally love to do this if I had a daughter. I think Lily is one very lucky little girl :)

What a fun day! This is such a cute new tradition for you and Lily.

what a totally GREAT day! I love these pictures of Lily -- she just looks so beautiful! I bet it's so fun to have her initiate and suggest such girly activities. Every once in a while Anna will say or do something totally girly that makes me smile and anticipate the fun years ahead. :)
I also just took Anna in for her first haircut (something to fix the job I did a few months ago). And I was thinking the same thing, that this would be a great tradition each September for her birthday month -- but also for back to school someday.

Oh you are such a fun, fun mom! I love that she loves getting primped. What a cute girl. I'm putting this in my "to-do-in-the-future" pocket!

What a great back to school tradition to start! Adorable pictures.

I love this! She is so stinking adorable. I don't think you're a "sucker" for your kids at all. I think you're a good mom who knows how to be firm and also how to indulge in special childhood memories like this! What a fun day! I love anything that celebrates back to school, of course. This was so cute I just made my husband come and look at the pictures! What a sweet little girl you have.

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