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May 22, 2011


Such great ideas! We have used a few of your ideas for our upcoming Secret Agent 9-yr old bday party. We added a game of twister - left hand green is a bomb - and diffusing (popping) black balloons. Loved incorporating the pinata at the end. Thank you for sharing!!!

I wanted to be invited to this party too!!!! I loved every single activity you planned. I am stealing these top secret ideas for my daughter nine's birthday party. THANK YOU for sharing.

really cute! I loved the cake and the laser field. I think I could use some of your ideas with my cub scouts!

wow! looks like quite the party, very cool!

Way awesome! The attention to detail...wow.
What a happy day for Lily and her Guests!

what a fabulous party you put together! I love the field of lasers. Great job on everything!

Elise wrote: "On Sunday Lance decided to make his own yarn laser maze in is bedroom. I guess he Really liked that part!"

I love this idea, thanks for sharing all your ideas so I can use them too! E would be all over this :)

This is possibly the CUTEST birthday party ever. I am stealing it for some future party. AMAZING JOB!!

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